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Violinist Booking Guide -2019 FAQs by EUTERPE PARIS

Dernière mise à jour : 16 sept. 2021

From Mozart to Hans Zimmer, troughout the ages violinists have been the go-to musicians to provide excitement and class to weddings, corporate events and parties.

Here is a guide that covers everything you could possibly need to know about booking violinist!

1. The Basics

What styles of music can play Euterpe violinist?

Euterpe violinist is trained in a classical way (think: Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven ...). However, she can play in a variety of styles; pop, rock, folk, movies music, jazz. Classical training prepares it for high quality.

Thus, while classical music is the violinist's specialty, she is also familiar with a number of pop and folk melodies.

When, during my wedding/event, should I get the violinist to play?

One of the best things about violinist is his flexibility—she can play during the quieter parts of your event (e.g., the bridal procession & walk out for a wedding), or as background during the louder parts when your guests are talking (such as guests arrival, drinks/cocktail, dinner, opening of the dinner, first dance , the end of the dinner). It’ll be up to you to choose what works best for your event.

2. Equipment & Setup

What equipment will they need?

A seat for breaks when they aren’t playing.

Do I need to provide a PA system?

If you have a large number of guests or the venue is very large, Euterpe Paris can often provide a PA system for amplification. They will also usually provide a PA system if you’ve asked them to play with backing tracks (more detail about backing tracks later). To power the PA, you will need to provide a power source close to where they’ll be playing.

It’s best to discuss these details directly with our team. The musicians of Euterpe Paris are used to playing in a wide range of venues; they are well-placed to give you a recommendation on the most effective set up for your occasion.

How long will it take violinist to set up?

Generally: 10-15 minutes without a PA system and 30-60 minutes with a PA system.

Should I provide food?

Musicians will appreciate and be refreshed upon arrival (especially if they have traveled a long way to perform for you!). Meals are always welcome, but not at all unless your event is at dinnertime.

Can a violinist play outside?

Absolutely! As long as the weather is warm enough ( Attempt to prolonged overexposure to the sun for an acoustic instrument!) And there is adequate rain and sun shelter (such as a gazebo or marquee). Be sure to notify our team in advance.

What dress code can I expect?

Violinists can tailor their outfit to your event. Our designer team can create unique high-end services for your luxury event. Dresses, cocktail dresses, elegant and casual outfits, medieval, period costumes or black dresses are possible.

Electric violin with backing tracks, or classical violin - no backing tracks?

This will depend on whether you’d like your violinist to play classical pieces, or also include other styles of music in their performance.

If the violinist’s performance only includes classical pieces, they probably won’t need backing tracks. Classical pieces for violin sound wonderful on their own, and work really well as background music, if the performance is in public space in town, or need a quick set up or in more intimate settings...

If the violinist’s performance includes pop songs or other styles, they may be able to provide backing tracks to fill out their performance. They’ll often perform the melody line of popular tunes, alongside pre-prepared backing tracks (think: ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, or ‘Chandelier’ by Sia—these songs sound great played on violin!).

Can they play my favourite song / take requests?

Certainly! Do let your violinist know ASAP though; if they’re not already familiar with your choices, they will need adequate time to prepare. Keep in mind, musicians are very busy people, so they may add an additional fee to your booking for this service—this is a small price to pay to hear your favourite song played in a new and exciting way! however, in some formulas we include 1 or 2 additional titles for an arrangement!

The violinist has more than 600 songs in his repertoire (classical, pop, rock, folk, jazz, films BO) . She will give you the list after the signiature of the contract .

3. Booking

How far in advance should I book?

We advise booking as soon as possible, especially if you have special musical requests, but we handle last-minute bookings all the time .

How to manage contracts and payments?

The easiest way to manage contracts and payments is to book through Euterpe Paris. Our booking process is simple , the contracts and payments are managed by our team.

What now?

So—now that you’re an expert of the ins-and-outs of booking a violinist—feel free to email us at , or put through an enquiry via our livechat ; we’d love to help you find the perfect live music for your event!



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