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Euterpe Paris featured in Essence Magazine !!

I m so happy to be featured in Essence Magazine with Lena and Adrian's Parisian Wedding !! Thank you

I will quote a few lines simply the rest I invite you to check on the website Essence!

Groom bride wedding chateau bouffémont mariage paris violon
Lena and Adrian's Parisian Wedding

Event music in Chateau Bouffemont  yamaha violin wedding wedidng music
Event music in Chateau Bouffemont
Everything from the castle to the dress was pure perfection!

engagement wedding photography mariage ceremonie maique
Lena and Adrian's Parisian Wedding

Let's Get Married "It felt amazing to be a groom marrying my friend and partner to continue this amazing journey of life’s enjoyment. Having the wedding ceremony in Paris France was magical and seeing my bride walk down those stairs to the music of a violinist was extraordinary."

The Music Of Love "We had a violinist playing while I walked down the stairs of the Chateau and down the aisle with my brother."
yamaha violon fille happy wedding cocktail music france chateau bouffémont mariage organisation
Euterpe Violoniste Chateau Bouffémont

Let's Eat! "The guests were led from the garden area to the cellar, where there was a bar and appetizers. The violinist played classic R&B music that had everyone dancing, surprised, and impressed. After the cocktail hour, guests were led upstairs to the beautifully decorated dining area."

luxury wedding france wedding planning destination wedding happy groom bride

Parisian glam Venue: Chateau Bouffemont, France Photographer: Oana Boloni

Euterpe Paris - electric violin performance ceremony & cocktail music



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