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Secrets for the ultimate wedding by Euterpe: 1

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WEDDING MUSIC : How To Choose Songs for the wedding ?

Choosing the songs that are right for you is one important step in planning your wedding music.

Wedding at the Hotel Crillon Paris, ceremony, bride entrance
Euterpe Paris Music / Daria Lorman Photography / Fete In France / Hotel Crillon Paris

  • Make a list of your favorite songs

  • Your wedding band or musician can suggest to you, because he has a lot of experience and certainly a suitable and very wide repertoire.

Remember to make 3 lists : one for the wedding ceremony, one for the cocktail and another for the reception. The ceremony is an emotional moment, the cocktail is a atmosphere and the reception is a party .

Euterpe Paris Music / Daria Lorman Photography / Hotel Crillon Paris /
Euterpe Paris Music / Daria Lorman Photography / Hotel Crillon Paris

  • Do you or the groom have a special song ? Do you have songs that mean something to you as a couple ? it can be integrated into the ceremony music.

  • Ask the grooom and the parents if they have a favorite song. It is a sign of respect to include a special song for father of the bride and groom, and will help the entire family to bond with the wedding ceremony.

  • Sometimes if the family can have a special song, it can be also a country song or hymn, world music…

  • Decide if you want your music to be contemporary or traditional, pop or classical ?

Hotel crillon paris , ceremony music

  • Ask if the band can arrange the song and perform for your ceremony.

You might hear a song in a movie or on the radio that you want in your wedding.

Choosing the right songs is important because your wedding ceemony will be made up of songs that will express the spiritual heart of the bride, groom and families. Usually music has been a part of your life in the past even if you just listen to the radio or sing in the shower.

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